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  Mrs. Robinson
What was this movie inspired from? Did Paul Simon have something to do with the plot-line...was he a seducer/seducee of his peer's mothers...? You can probably bet on NO.

The best part of this movie, for me, is the sequence that starts off while Hoffman is sunning himself in the pool...leisurely floating on a raft....There's a terrific little acoustic number playing joviantly in the background...something to do with the description of the months of summer....

Hoffman gets off his raft, swims to the edge of the pool, pulls himself out, and ambles slowly up to the house, while buttoning up a bleached white shirt.....He moves inside and the scene changes to the interior of the Taft Hotel, where he casually lies himself on the bed and promptly, the aforementioned Mrs's starts unbuttoning that shirt.....segue into a closeup shot of him smoking a cig against the black headboard of the hotel bed, while his fling is lying across him....she's out of frame and now the camera pans back....he's sitting in his room, detached from everything, and closing the door to his parents.....once again, he gets up to move to the pool, and dives in....swims to the raft and pulls himself onto it....the segue into his climax in the taft suite....

cinematographic ecstacy.

That little guy was with no doubt the best character.
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