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  Things are different
Was supposed to be going on a crazy five day whirlwind road-trip of Quebec and eastern provinces this week, but it comes sunday nite and the scheduled departure of tomorrow morning is no longer scheduled. The group and I will end up heading to Quebec city in a few days time on a much appended tour of our greater eastern provinces, but too bad, its just how these things go. Now there will be more time to stay in MTL and relax....all good, just the same....

And this reminds me of a thing which I wrote while bored a few months ago....

January 19, 2005:


1. Do not look up.
2. Be positive about your ability to find things NOT to do.
3. If you identify an important problem, bury it where it belongs.
4. Let your in-action rot your mind, it makes things acceptable
5. Invite doubt to consume your actions
6. Understand the real foundation for getting active is immersing yourself in-action.
7. Saturate your mind and body with starch and embrace lethargy
8. Thinking is the one and only requisite action
9. Do not participate in events called "Shake up the System"
10. Listen to David Bowie

In the process of re-writing this list, I have felt compelled to edit and append my original thoughts...but thats not really an original thought, now is it...?...and plus, this manifesto of in-action and complacency really sucks the way it should. Original, Brutal, Naive and thoughtless.....perfect.


  We are the Champions!!!
.......'s a picture of the Timbits enjoying the victory over their Div. II intramural rivals, W. Caribooze....Go Boys!
  Sunny observation
Reading Thoreau and discussing with a friend today I had a few thoughts.....Thoreau, speaking about removing yourself from the context of your society and defining your individualism through solitude and harmony with the natural world. The question is; is it a sign of the times or my generation or who I keep as company now that the world has taken on such transience and removal from rigid societal roles....?.,...the first thing that comes to mind is that i'm crazy and its just that i'm finishing school and going out to Italy this summer. That could certainly explain my postion. But I feel that there's a lot of people out there, in my generation and of my age that feel the same way, which I can explain for the generation through our luxuries and therefore ability to pass through pre-constructed societal farmer or blacksmith or baker like Thoreau has spoken about; how many are born into and take on with pride the work of their heritage? Is this a necessity to our existance and is this generation moving away from those roles? Hmm...

  There's a quote about relativity...
Einstein was a smart and wise man. He once said about relativity that an hour on a park bench with a lady seems like a minute and a minute on a hot stove seems like an hour. I've spent the last three days sitting on a park bench (almost) with a lady and it does really ring true in my ears now; the dilation of time......Friday nite after my exam, met up with Taz at the VA doing her last minute thing and ran down the road drinking a bomber in the cool spring air. Hit up the bus, which I have to say I just found out you can transfer from one bus to another using the same transfer!!, and went to Cafe Perk for a fundraising/benefit here's where the night takes on a life of its own...walking to the bank, a lady and I get further aquainted by playing the red-light/green-light game, something which I was introduced to right on the spot. Red light=big kiss, green light=walk. After kissing through many green lights (in the new world order, the cops will ticket you for this), we make it back to the cafe with money to spend and good feelings to blend.,

Now, the atmosphere at Cafe Perk is quite a fun one, and it goes real well with making out in public. So, I do that for a while. Sort of felt from time to time like such a middle of the resto display of affection would get us in trouble, but no trouble came from it right then,...of course, yesterday I was told that the lovely Lucia who owns the place thought I was 'going with' our mutual friend Anastasia or something and now because of my public display of debochary I may be blacklisted. Well, she needs customers, and I can't seem to stop myself from doing anything these days, so we'll see how it manifests itself......back to the rest of the weekend..., so yea, going to a party after cafe perk over near the Little Italy didn't work so well because we were one hundred off on the address ringing someone's doorbell and THEY never answered so there were no parties anywhere.....a little farther and the night ends with drinking sake at the lady's place.

Saturday starts with drinking sake at the lady's place. Really, once you find something you like, you have to stick with it. Its then off for a walk in the Beautiful weather back down to my home in the porteguese neighborhood. Sat with the roomates and some friends on the balcony all day, then met Taz at her place of work, bought some ice cream and ate it in the park. We slid down slides and monkeyed bars till it was time for my hockey game.....Championship Division 2 Intramurals.....we really smoked the other team, and for the first time all season, we had a respectable contingence of fans...we really won it for them. Did the whole trophy presentation thing with the team and then took the fans out to a bar on Monkland and partied it up. Was a really fun time with the boys....almost got into a hockey brawl with the 'Pub' team that was also celebrating their hockey victory that night in the bar....put a bunch of drunk players in a room together; shit. Ok, then it was off to the SCP party where we all got in touch with our spiritual and artistic selves. Met a lot of eccentrics and climed some ladders. Good times done, we made it back to my place and had some pie and ice cream before conking out for the nite.......

Which brings us to today, where I did nothing but walk around and appreciate the sun. Now, its back to study time for another few hours before the 9am exam. With all this talk, i hope to get some visual reference up.....i'm still working on posting pictures, and getting some readers of course, which for now I expect I have none....a project for another day.

Enjoy yourself; P.
  First Post...
Yes, I have a blog. I don't even like messenger, and I have a blog. It may take me a few days/weeks to get over the enormity of this move.....So this is basically a result of me being up all night at school, studying, and now procrastinating. I hope this can move up the ladder of things that waste my time from its current postion of bottom rung to an exemplory no. 1. That way, all you cyber worlders (myself now included, i guess) can join and revel in my break time......which can be a lot of time......


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