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I can see not a bud on a branch of a winter-worn tree, nor can I see but an infant bird or young squirrel playfully jaunting. The sun hangs low on the sky's belt and indeed I will not share in it too much longer this day. I feel not the tinge of freshness in the air nor can I say it is a pleasing spectrum of scent. Moreover, I know the winds now to be wholly absent of reminder of longer nights and warmer days. The rains have not cleansed the ground. They have not come to share themselves with us; to make us full and happy.

Yet I, here, now, in the absence of all these things corporeal, without evidence or indication, KNOW what is to come. I KNOW as do all the coated and clothed people who walk now beneath me do, what lies on the most immediate and eventual horizon. We together are scentient. We have no need for the great indicators which our senses derive. We walk with lighter step and wake with lighter heart. We congregate and commiserate on the daily, as it were our only conclusion of the moment. We together KNOW, SHARE and FEEL that which our blood and soul has made unmistakable. We walk on together, ambling with smiles and intent. Born again, alive anew and awakening to perception.

Now it is so soon.
And soon is the only necessity.
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