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  Fuck this
I mean, what do you have to do these days to stay in good terms with people....I think everyone needs to take a step back and look at their lives....Here, in my little group of Montreal amis, I find that we're all just losing ourselves in the last moments of our time we all approach a graduation date, we begin working harder and losing site of the relationships we've built and the time we've spent together over the course of the degree....history repeats itself always, and luckily there'll be a big throwdown after all the stress of this final rush is over...but that's not enough for me...I have begun to value the people much more than the degree...without these folks, I wouldn't have made it through this thing alive...and now, at the end of it all, people seem willing to throw themselves into little pools where there is no interconnection...what a pitiful waste of time...Please, for christ's sake, someone value the truth and not the affront. That is all I ask. Take a step back and look where you'll be in 3 months...out of contact and into something new. The present is all there is and it shouldn't be sacrificed for the supposed future.

Lets wake up and be in love for the day.

There are times like These.
Not pleasant.
The discomfort of This distance has reached us all.
Yes we are responsible for This recently occurring bizarness of a Situation.
It is only temporary.

Love can be painfull,
yet we all need it -
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